There is a war out there!!


One who logically dares, interferes and pre-empts wins

FuB Mini NT and 3 Way 1C introduced by Bijan Assaee, combined with 2 and 3 level Hexagon (multi-six – introduced in 1976 by Dr Bob Sebesfi as Myxomatosis), are aggressive and pre-emptive conventions that are difficult to defend against. They are elegantly simple and logical, giving any player a competitive edge even against experts.

So you are the dealer!  Almost half the time, you pass as you don’t have a conventional opening hand. What a waste of opportunity! Opponent’s get into bidding and we start struggling for part scores or we give them a free or easy ride to bid for game and investigate slam.

Wouldn’t it be good if you could open most of the time, describe your shape and points to your partner, cut opponent’s communication, be disruptive, and reach your optimum contract while your opponent’s are bewildered or reduced to guessing?

FuB Mini NT, 3 Way 1C and Hexagon openings will achieve this through a very logical and structured way.

What types of hands are covered?

The three conventions (FuB Mini NT, 3 Way 1C opening and Hexagon), between them and in a pre-emptive but logical structure cover the following hand types:

·        Hands with 8-10hcp without 6 card major or two suited 5-5

·        Hands with 10-14hcp balanced

·        Hands with 15-17hcp balanced

·        Hands with 18-19hcp balanced

·        Hands with 20-21hcp balanced

·        Hands with 22-23hcp balanced

·        Hands with 24-25hcp balanced

·        Hands with 26+hcp balanced

·        Single suited game force

·        2 suited game force

·        3 suited game force

·        Weak single suited

·        Weak 2 suited

·        Strong single suited (but not game force)

·        Gambling 3NT hands

·        Weak 7 card suit in majors

·        Weak 8+ card suit in minors




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