FuB* - Mini NT (8-10hcp) at 1st & 2nd seats


We open 1NT with 8-10hcp (no 6 card D/H/S suit or no 5-5 two suited – these hand are opened Hexagon 2s) at first and 2nd seats with any vulnerability (11-12hcp at 3rd seat and 15-17 at 4th seat). Hand can be unbalanced and even have singleton or void (e.g. 5-4-4-0 or 4-4-4-1). 


This is going to cause a lot of problems for opposition as traditional conventions such as DONT or Cappelletti are not very effective against it.


This convention helps us to find our game or correct contract while allowing a mechanism to escape opponents doubling us for penalty and occasionally turn the table and convert their double to a makeable 1NTxx contract.


Response sequences to 1NT openings

If there is no interference:

·         Pass to play

·         2C is relay to 2D (Showing an opening hand or weak D)

·         2D shows an opening hand with both majors 4+-4+

·         2H/2S to play

·         2NT 18-19 balanced

·         3C relay to 3D;  I have a massive hand, GF, don’t stop until game is bid

·         3D Strong opening hand with D 

·         3H Strong opening hand with H

·         3S Strong opening hand with S

·         3NT to play (usually 17+ without 4 card major, or long suit with source of tricks)

·         4C Game in C or S (same color), pick one

·         4D Game in D or H (same color), pick one

·         4H Game in H or S, pick a major partner

·         4S Game in S or D, pick one (S stronger suit)

·         5C Game in minor, pick a minor

·         5H good chance of slam in majors, with a bit of help pick one or sign off at 5H or 5S

·         6C slam in minors, pick one

·         6H slam in majors, pick on

·         After 2C-2D relay, responder bids are:

o    Pass is an option with very weak hand in D

o    3C opening hand in C

o    2H opening hand in H (or 4-4-4-1 with good quality 4 card H) 

o    2S opening hand in S (or 4-4-4-1 with good quality 4 card S) 

o    2NT 15-17 balanced (occasionally with 4-4-4-1 and no quality major)

o    3D opening hand in D

o    3H strong hand with 5H and 4S

o    3S strong hand with 5S and 4H

o    4H Game in C or H, pick one

o    4S Game in S or D, pick one (D stronger suit)

·         After 3C-3D relay, responder bids are:

o    3H/3S/4C/4D single suit GF

o    5C slam in C and S (same color)

o    5D slam in D and H (same color)

o    5H slam in H and C

o    5S slam in S and D


If there is interference:

If opponents bid we can pass or overcall with good suit


If opponents X, we can use any of our 3 level bids as above if applicable


If opponents X our 1NT opening for penalty in sequences such as:

1NT – X or

1NT – P – P – X

 we use modified SWINE defense as follows

·         With 2 touching suits and at least 4-4 (or best 4-3 if our distribution is 4-3-3-3) we bid:

o    2C = C/D

o    2D = D/H

o    2H = H/S

·         With a long suit we redouble, partner will bid 2C

o    We pass with C being our long suit

o    We correct to our long suit

·         We pass, requiring partner to redouble after which:

o    We pass if we are happy to play 1NT redouble contract

o    2C shows C and a Major. Partner pass with Club support or bid 2H asking for the major

o    2D shows D and S.  Partner selects

o    We bid 2H/2S this shows 5+H/S with good values.  This shows a better hand than redouble and then bidding 2H/2S

·         Exception – after; 1NT – P – P – X, opener with a 4-3-3-3 shape can pass.  This gives partner with balance of power to pass the X for penalty or if no bid by opponents and weak, bids his/her 5 or good 4 card suit.



Exception to 1NT opening with 8-10 point range and good 6-4 shape in majors

With a good 6-4 in majors, opposite a suitable hand, there is potential for game.  In such cases we may choose not to open 1NT.  If partner opens 1C our 2H or 2S response will show this shape hand.

If opponents open or partner doesn’t open, we can bid 2H/2S, showing exactly such hands.




* FuB stands for Foil your Bidding. No other 4 letter words should be used as substitute.



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