FuN* - Defence against Mini or weak NT

Mini NT is a 1NT opening with typical range of 8-11 hcp. Traditional conventions such as DONT or Cappelletti are not very effective against Mini NT. Following is a convention, based on FuB Mini NT opening, allowing us to overcall and describes our hand accurately to our partner.
Bidding sequences over opponent’s Mini or Weak NT openings
·         X shows a balanced or semi balanced hand with 11-14hcp
·         2C is relay to 2D
·         2D/2H/2S shows less than opening hand with good 5 or 6+ cards
·         2NT 18-19 balanced
·         3C relay to 3D; I have a massive hand, GF, don’t stop until game or slam is bid
·         3D Strong opening hand with D 
·         3H Strong opening hand with H
·         3S Strong opening hand with S
·         3NT to play (usually 17+ without 4 card major, or long suit with source of tricks)
·         4C Game in C or S (same color), pick one
·         4D Game in D or H (same color), pick one
·         4H Game in H or S, pick a major partner
·         4S Game in S or D, pick one (S stronger suit)
·         5C Game in minor, pick a minor
·         5H good chance of slam in majors, with a bit of help pick one or sign off at 5H or 5S
·         6C slam in minors, pick one
·         6H slam in majors, pick on
·         After 2C-2D relay, responder bids are:
o        Pass is an option with very weak hand and 7+ D
o        3C opening hand in C
o        2H opening hand in H (or 4-4-4-1 with good quality 4 card H)  
o        2S opening hand in S (or 4-4-4-1 with good quality 4 card S)
o        2NT 15-17 balanced
o        3D opening hand in D
o        4H Game in C or H, pick one
o        4S Game in S or D, pick one (D stronger suit)
·         After 3C-3D relay, responder bids are:
o        3H/3S/4C/4D single suit GF
o        5C slam in C and S (same color)
o        5D slam in D and H (same color)
o        5H slam in H and C
o        5S slam in S and D
Response to partner’s X (11-14 hcp):
We typically treat this as partner has opened a weak NT and use any convention by partnership agreement.
If opponent’s redouble for playing 1NT XX, any bid by us shows at least 4 card suit. Any change of suit to be passed.
* FuN stands for Fend your NT. No other 4 letter words should be used as substitute.
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