In opening bids, past standard 1-level openings, we use 2 level bids to convey hands such as weak major, 2 suited hands, strong GF hands, strong balanced hands and often with various compromises.  Many of the bids and follow up bidding sequences need to be memorized. Another problem area for an average player is how to handle shapely hands such as 4441, 5540, game force 2 suited hands and differentiating between a very strong single suited hand and game force single suited hands.

Myxomatosis which was introduced by Dr Bob Sebesfi in 1976 is a bidding convention that communicates such variety of hands in a natural, logical and easy to remember way with a logical sequence of bidding that once logic is understood, it is easy to remember and implement.

Renamed Hexagon (Multi-Six) and combined with two new conventions of (FuB Mini NT) and (3 Way 1C) by Bijan Assaee, they form a complete and aggressive bidding system allowing dealer to open in majority of the time.

The three conventions (FuB Mini NT, 3 Way 1C opening and Hexagon), between them and in a pre-emptive but logical structure cover the following hand types:

·          Hands with 8-10hcp without 6 card major or two suited 5-5

·          Hands with 10-14hcp balanced

·          Hands with 15-17hcp balanced

·          Hands with 18-19hcp balanced

·          Hands with 20-21hcp balanced

·          Hands with 22-23hcp balanced

·          Hands with 24-25hcp balanced

·          Hands with 26+hcp balanced

·          Single suited game force

·          2 suited game force

·          3 suited game force

·          Weak single suited

·          Weak 2 suited

·          Strong single suited (but not game force)

·          Gambling 3NT hands

·          Weak 7 card suit in majors

·          Weak 8+ card suit in minors

Dealer will open in almost 3 times than conventional bidding systems, response sequences are logical, and opponents have difficulty in coming to bidding or deploy effective defence. It is more fun, blood will flow everywhere but more likely to be of the opponents.


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